Jessica Owings


About my work:
Language, landscape, and connections between people and places are thought-filled instances within which I situate my investigations. Resulting ideas and schemes are supplemented and informed by collaboration, compulsive collection, and random acts of giving. With experience in fine art and commercial printing, my endeavors merge artistic concepts with design constructs. Much of my work is presented as series or sequence, using these traditionally commercial aspects of printmaking to compose my studio work. The process of research is a point of departure for my ideas. Each project is a result of the process of looking, seeing, and re-presenting; artwork is the subsequent residue.

About me:
Born amidst the endless horizon of Central Illinois, I grew up riding horses and finding every excuse to be outside. At Bradley University, I stumbled into printmaking and continued the pursuit of many artistic adventures with graduate school at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Most of my work is on paper, including prints, drawings, paintings, and book arts. Occasionally I venture into the realm of sculpture, photography, and video. Community and collaboration are integral to my studio practice, having enjoyed priceless experiences at Cradle Oak Press, Yee-Haw Industries, the Women’s Studio Workshop, The Lawrence Lithography Workshop, the Kansas City Art Institute, Fair Share Farm, the INKubator PRESS, and currently with The State Park, Nashville’s Platetone Printshop, and the COOP Curatorial Collective and Gallery. Currently I spend my time as gallery director and adjunct instructor for Belmont University, dreaming and scheming in the studio at Platetone Printshop, mucking about as a lackadaisical gardener, and riding my bicycle. Generally my hands are stained with ink, soil, or grease.